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Title Search Basics

How much does an AFX Title Search Report cost?

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What is a Title Abstract Report?

AKA "Title Search Report" Gain a fundemental understanding of what a title search is and what the report contains

How We Perform a Title Search

The step-by-step process in an easy to understand info-graphic

Sample Title Documents

Deeds, judgments, liens and more

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How to Read a Title Search Report

Understand where to find important information and how it affects the subject property.

50-Point Search

What goes into an AFX Title Search Report? Discover how we cover every base to provide a complete picture of a property's status.

Title Search Course

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50 Point Title Search Details

How complicated is a complete and accurate Title search? Judge for yourself. Below is a list of types information that is reviewed in completing an AFX Title Search Report. Not every topic will apply to your property, but we check them all.

1. Deed copy - Search includes an official copy of the most recent deed, with county recording stamp and date.

2. Official Property Legal description - Full property legal description, typically in "Schedule A" format.

3. Mortgage search - Mortgage abstract will list open mortgages with mortgage lender information, amounts of mortgages, and dates. Listed in order of apparent priority (first mortgage, second mortgage, etc.)

4. Mortgage Assignment search -Title abstract will reference mortgage assignments recorded within the official land records.

5. Equity loan search - Report of equity loans (HELOC's) and credit lines against the property.

6. Tax payment search - Detail of tax assessor account, with amounts and dates of payments, and delinquent payments due.

7. Foreclosure search - Report on foreclosure status, listing any lis pendens, notice of default (NOD's), and orders to sell under power.

8. Bankruptcy search

9. Civil court records search - Report on civil court records found to be recorded against the land records of the property

10. Mechanics lien search - Report of liens placed by contractors for non-payment of services or materials at the property.

11. Judgment lien search - Judgment section for property liens as result of financial judgments

12. Tax lien search - Title section for tax lien encumbrances

13. Municipal services lien search - Shows liens against the title for unpaid municipal services such as utilities, water, sewer, trash or school assessments.

14. Child support lien search - Searches for liens of delinquent child support payments.

15. Federal tax lien / Treasury lien search - Liens for unpaid US Treasury / IRS tax payments

16. County name index search - All owners names are run against the county name index for hits on records recorded for the property.

17. State tax search - Checks for unpaid sales tax, employment taxes, state licenses, and other state-level delinquencies.

18. Property easement search - Shows easements, right-of-ways, and other property allowances for the owners name. (For easements  dating prior to the current owner, a full Easement Search should be ordered.)

19. Official Title abstract document - An official abstract document is provided, not just a deed report.

20. Default notice search - Lists default notices recorded for the owners.

21. Spousal support lien search - Encumbrances for delinquencies of spousal support, alimony, or other court required payments.



22. Ownership structure - Report on the listed ownership structure, joint tenants, individual, corporate, tenants in common, etc.

23. Municipal assessed value.

24. Voluntary liens

25. Property APN number

26. Document book & page - Written location of the historical documents, showing book and page or document number.

27. Mortgage modification - Many mortgages are being modified by lenders in the current market. The latest recorded modification is included.

28. Bail bond lien - Properties are often used as collateral for bail bonds, for people other than the property owner. These liens are often overlooked by inexperienced title abstractors.

29. Levy on property

30. Power of attorney - This will show if the property owner has recorded an authorized party to act on their behalf with regard to property transactions.

31. Property restrictions

32. Special assessment - Subdivisions and condo associations place these to cover expenses, often as a result of foreclosures in the development.

33. Release of lien / lien satisfaction - It is important to check liens to see if any have subsequently been released.

34. Partnership agreement

35. Notice of commencement

36. Trust agreement

37. UCC filing - Business debts and coop financing can end up as UCC claims in the property records.

38. Subordination agreement - Loan priority can be changed through subordination, to help accomplish a refinance.

39. Leases - Recorded leases can affect the ownership and use of a property.

40. Option to purchase - This will show if the owner has recorded a purchase option issued to another party.

41. Corrective deed - In the event an error existed on a prior deed, a corrective deed can be used to rectify the error

42. Waiver of rights

43. Bond for title

44. Affidavit

45. Official effective date

46. Trustee search

47. Original document date

48. Mineral lease and deed

49. Probate and Heirs

50. Notice and Order

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