Real estate title document fraud continuing to be a problem for property owners

The reality of real estate title fraud is not over.  There are still criminals out there committing fraud on real estate title documents, and being prosecuted. The problem is that even after prosecutions the title defects remain for the legitimate property owners. Liens, wild deeds, and false transfers can create clouds on title and problems for owners.

In one example, over 10 homes in Missouri were found to have documents who’s signatures had potentially forged notaries.  One notary compared here records with the title documents on file. “I don’t know what’s going on,” said a stunned Victori Vessel. “Obviously, someone is doing something with my stamp and my signature because if they were here to get something notarized, it should have been in this book.”

A California investigation is working on uncovering other mortgage and foreclosure frauds on consumers. “Many people think that these are civil problems that have to be sorted out in court,” investigator Karl Anderson said. “While that is sometimes the case, other times these people truly are the victims of a crime.”

For decades these schemes have been appearing in title forensics investigations. It does not look like they are going away.