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Title Search Basics

How much does an AFX Title Search Report cost?

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What is a Title Abstract Report?

AKA "Title Search Report" Gain a fundemental understanding of what a title search is and what the report contains

How We Perform a Title Search

The step-by-step process in an easy to understand info-graphic

Sample Title Documents

Deeds, judgments, liens and more

Forclosure/Auction Buyer Resources

Videos, free weekly property title searches...

How to Read a Title Search Report

Understand where to find important information and how it affects the subject property.

50-Point Search

What goes into an AFX Title Search Report? Discover how we cover every base to provide a complete picture of a property's status.

Title Search Course

Learn how to conduct your own title searches

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$179.95 Expanded Full Title Search (residential only)
$115.95 Economy Title Search (deed copy only)

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