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Provide the best possible service to your insureds while using claims handling best practices.

4/3/2015 - AFX Research and Xactimate announce integrated services. Read the press release.


FREE Webinar

for Claims Professionals:

"Property Title Searches - Concepts & Practical Application for Insurance Claims"


If you missed our February 5th Live Webinar, you can view the recording by clicking the link below.


Whether you are a regular client or you do your own title research,  you will gain valuable insights into the title search process and how to best utilize a title search report in property claims handling. The Webinar will be presented by David Pelliginelli, founder and president of AFX Research.




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$179.95 Expanded Full Title Search (includes MERS)
$115.95 Economy Title Search (deed copy only)
$189.95 Commercial Title Search (Insurance Clients Only)


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We also provide investigative services:

Locates, asset verification and recovery, background checks and more. Call for more information.


AFX Research produces title search reports for many property carriers across the country. Claims adjusters prefer us because they can go to one place, regardless of venue, and get fast, accurate reports on standardized report forms. They then have all the information they need to write that settlement check, and only write it once.


We also provide the best client support in the business: if you have any questions about your report, give us a call and we can walk you through it. We have tons of experience helping claims representatives and understand your specific needs.


Claims managers like us because we save their adjusters time, and they can accurately budget based on a single price throughout all operating territories. Also, corporate rates are available.


How to order


1. From your company portal. We have custom order sites set up for most of our insurance clients. If you don't know if your company has an AFX portal, or you know it does and just need access to it, give us a call or ask to chat.


2. Send a referral assignment from your Xactimate/XactAnalysis file. (This needs to be set up for your company - if you don't see AFX LLC as an option under Receiver have your Claims Manager contact us).


3. Pay with a credit card. Use the form on this page.


4. To pay by check, please call in your order. We will need to set up your company's account, if we haven't already, and then you will be able to pay by check.

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