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Many homeowners are interested in learning if their mortgage has been assigned, and if the proper assignments have been recorded in the official land records. Some lenders have used a "nominee trustee" process to transfer mortgage ownership outside of the official land records system.


You can now order a Mortgage Assignment Chain Verification records search. Our professional title searchers will research the recorded documents pertaining to your mortgage, and provide a report showing whether any assignments have been recorded. Homeowners can compare the information from these official records with information received from mortgage statements, foreclosure notices, or notices of default to begin determining if the proper assignments have been made.


Upon completion of the search, you will receive a document listing any assignments recorded transferring your mortgage to investors, lending companies, nominee trustees (MERS), or banking institutions. If no assignment was recorded in official records, the report will document the original mortage, and list the current mortgage holder of record. The report will be sent in to you by email in PDF format, to the address you provide on the following page.

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Mortgage Assignment Chain Verification

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