Current Owner Search

Vendor Guidelines

Thank you for your services. The general purpose of the Current Owner Search is to determine the active ownership and associated voluntary and involuntary liens for the subject property. Upon submission of the final order we ask the following needs be met:

   Determine the current property owner(s) and legal description of the subject property to be searched

   Determine the most current deed/transfer to the current owner(s)


o   If the current deed is a Quit-Claim Deed, it will be necessary to search back to an actual vesting deed.

o   If the subject property is bank-owned or the like due to a foreclosure, please run the last owner’s name instead of the bank or municipality.


 Determine the open/active/unreleased mortgages, liens, judgments, UCC’s, etc., along with any associated assignments, agreements or modifications for the subject property

 Notate any additional relevant filings (e.g. other deeds, leases, easements, mineral rights, etc.) found for the subject property

 Report the current and prior year tax amounts, along with any delinquencies currently active

 Abstract each of the relevant filings to the abstract form provided; obtain copies as requested

 Notate any discrepancies found during the search process on the abstract form provided



Expected Turnaround Time: 24-48 hours


Confirmation/Delays: Please confirm receipt of the order. All orders request emails will include a link that will take you to a web page where you can confirm, request additional time or fees, or decline an order. If you have any trouble identifying the property or retrieving documents, or if for any reason are unable to meet the expected turnaround time, please contact us immediately. Failure to confirm receipt or lack of communication related to the search status may result in reassignment of the order.


Here's what the email link will look like:


When you click the link, a web page will open that looks like this:

Additional Fee Request: If additional time or copies/search fees are required, please use the link in the order email to submit your request. You can do this even if you previously confirmed the order without modification. If approved, you will receive a confirmation email with the new updated ETA or Fees.  Use the link in this email to upload your completed report. Unapproved fees may not be paid.


Submitting Your Report: Please type the completed search on the abstract form provided. Please reference our Order number and use the custom link in the Order confirmation email to return the completed search. You may also email (documents under 5MB), fax or use the static link shown below:


Email: Fax: (877) 878-4437




Note: Do not send email correspondence to AFXDATA; this email is not monitored. Maximum email file size 5MB; if your file is over 5MB please fax or use the upload link provided. Questions? Call (678) 278-8272 or (678) 267-3287.


The upload link comes in your confirmation email and looks like this:





And here is what the upload page looks like.

Invoices: Please include your invoice with your completed report. Include your contact information (company name, address, tax ID, phone, and email), our order number and the total cost of your search. Invoices provided utilizing the upload form are scheduled for payment every Monday following receipt. Invoices provided in other formats (pdfs, emails, paper) may take longer to process.


A sample of a final search is provided here for your review.


If you have any questions or need any additional information, please feel free to contact us anytime. We are in constant contact with our clients and we strive to meet the promises made to each of our customers, so we are happy to assist in the search process in anyway.