Free Webinar: Concepts and Practical Application of Property Title Searches for Insurance Claims

Many carriers are now requiring a property title search on large loss homeowners or commercial claims. This research will verify property ownership, current mortgagee, check for other major encumbrances (such as Federal Tax Liens) or foreclosure activity.

AFX invites you to join us in reviewing the title search process and how to analyze the final title search report by attending our free webinar, “Property Title Searches: Concepts and Practical Application for Insurance Claims.”

David Pelligrinelli will be the lead presenter. He is a Board Member of the National Association of Land Title Examiners and Abstractors, an expert witness for the Department of Justice on matters of recorded title documents, and a licensed Private Investigator in Florida, California, Washington and Michigan. Dave is one of only 53 national certified title examiners, serving every county in every state, and his corporation, AFX, has performed over one million searches. Having been in the title industry and private investigations for twenty years now, Dave is an expert on topics related to such and has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Robb Report, and several industry publications.

The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, February 5th at 11am EST and will be approximately 30 minutes. Register for this free webinar with the link below:

Topics covered will include:

  • What is a title search: The process of a title search and the official document generated by the search, a.k.a. “the abstract report”
  • Why do a title search
  • How to read a title search report / what the report looks like